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Lost For Words

Monday, March 24th, 2014

For someone who is all about words, and loves to natter away at every chance, I’m pretty much lost right now.

And so after perusing the touching messages on your Facebook page, I decided on this.

“You didn’t start boxing for no reason. Fight on!”


New Writing Venture…

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

…after a couple of months off from writing, suddenly the bug struck again!

My new short story is in progress, with high society parties, skeletons buried deep in the closet and…oh wait, I think I’ve been watching too much ‘Revenge‘.

“Well look who it is, it’s Lizzie Parks!” The woman squealed as she bounded towards me, precariously balancing her cigarette and martini in one hand and reaching out towards me with the other. “How you been hon?” Yelling into my ear, she pulled me towards her and kissed the air around my cheeks in greeting.

“I’m fine, thank you…” I started whilst pulling out of her embrace. My confusion must have shown on my face as she began to introduce herself to me and my companions.

“Oh where are my manners? I’m Janie Tucker, I went to school with your mom.” Taking a long swig of her drink, she leaned in towards me. “Pretty little thing she was, all blonde hair and blue eyes, had a look like butter wouldn’t melt. But she were a hellfire, always tryin to one up me in the popularity contest. Don’t matter what it was; clothes, boys, you name it, we fought over it.”

At this point she finished her martini in one chug, clicked her fingers and someone replaced it before any of us could blink. Glancing at Anthony, he looked just as impressed as I at her drink supping skills.

“How’s she doin anyway?” Jane asked as she started gulping down more of the liquid in her glass. I could feel my blood starting to heat as I thought of how to politely say what I had grown to loathe repeating in the past few months.

“She’s dead,” I started as I straightened my back and found my exit strategy. “So I think you win. Excuse me.”

Apologies for grammatical errors, punctuation issues or general bad phrasing – I am editing whilst writing and typing it up on my TV screen.

Protected: For Emily

Friday, April 20th, 2012

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Queen of Avoidance

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I’m trying to figure out what to eat for my, admittedly quite late, evening meal. The boy has gone to bed, and I don’t seem to have anything in that equals a meal for one (or that would be particularly appetising – crabmeat and gravy anyone?)

So I thought of getting food delivered, maybe going to one of the various takeaway places in my surrounding area…but none of their food is striking my fancy. I did consider getting my ass into the car and heading over to ASDA for some fried chicken and mashed potato – but I doubt the boy would be too happy to find out that I’d gone out driving in the middle of the night for food.

So I was puzzling over what to have, and still am, when I decided that it was too difficult and that I should really be spending my time looking for a job. At least this’ll mean my unemployed ass will be able to purchase more fresh fruit and vegetables…

So I looked at jobs for a bit, found a couple to apply for and then surprise surprise, I got bored of that and went onto Facebook to avoid my job search. It was only when I logged into Facebook and checked my news feed that I remembered what I had originally been doing, (searching for meal ideas) as I saw my previously posted status update, in which I complained about my lack of food.

So I came on here, to complain about my avoidance skills, and to avoid making a decision about food. But I’m back to my thoughts of food and hunger…seems avoidance doesn’t last as long with a grumbling stomach…

Off to find some food, that is if I don’t get distracted yet again…ooooh my Christmas tree lights are making fun patterns on the wall…

Frustration in Modern Times

Friday, July 15th, 2011

This blog post is a bit of a whining one, as I’m not well and haven’t been for a while. It’s starting to get me really frustrated, so here’s me letting it all out.

The past couple of weeks have been long and difficult. I’ve been on various different pills for all kinds of illnesses (depression, nausea, headaches, stomach acid). The amount of pills I’m having to take – 12 per day – are really starting to get me down. The pills do help me to function better than I used to, but this doesn’t mean much.

I wake up in the morning and feel either sick, or have a major headache. It’s a rarity if I make it to 9am without having to take my first set of pills. So you can understand my frustration at being so ill and useless all the time.

At the moment it’s a major achievement if I manage to get the energy up to shower without passing out, or manage to walk 3 minutes to my local shop. It’s just so frustrating that my body isn’t complying with what my mind wishes to do.

When I tore the ligaments in my foot, I couldn’t stay off it and just rest like I was told to. The same applies to the way I feel now. I hate feeling useless and powerless, but my body is currently calling the shots.

I’m just plain old frustrated with my health at the moment, it’s stopping me from being able to enjoy simple things in life (such as hanging out with friends), as I’m just so damn tired!

Also my ass is starting to get numb from sitting on the sofa all day long…

The Epic Adventures of Edmund and Suzi – Part 1

Monday, July 26th, 2010

So the past few days have been particularly difficult in the land of Suzi and Edmund, and so they decided that they were indeed in need of some epic cheering up; and hence they decided to do lots of fun things to keep themselves occupied.

First on the agenda was the initial ‘Operation-Cheer-Up’, which could only really mean one thing…movies, food and beer…simple but effective ways of making yourself feel better after a long day. And so during their watching of movie gems, such as Office Space, Evolution and Gremlins, they decided that their Guinness was incredibly normal and ordinary, and hence needed some sprucing up.

So they added ice cream. Yup, they made Guinness Ice Cream Floaters. Which were actually rather nice, except for leftover foam at the end *shudder*. At first they just looked like normal Guinness but with a lot of head, however if you gave them a stir then they began to look a lot more like something caramel based. Yet they certainly did not taste as sweet as they looked.

With the odd concoctions finished, they set about carrying on their movie night by chowing down on crisps and sweets until they could no longer keep their eyes open and headed to their beds.

Rising the next day, they found themselves with a whole lot of energy, and not much to do with it…but then again, that’s a tale for next time.

Where There is Pain, There is Wisdom…

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

I’ve gotta say, I think the most painful part of growing up is getting your wisdom teeth.

My first three sets were perfectly fine to come through, a bit uncomfortable, but nothing special. However my last set is coming through at the moment, and with the gum ripping fun I have managed to get an infection. And with my luck, it’s not just a normal infection; it’s the kind of infection that needs hardcore antibiotics, which if used for longer than a few days then you can get a hairy tongue or other disgusting side effects.

So I want to know, with all this pain, where is my wisdom? Will it arrive one day in the mail with an ‘if undelivered please return to the wisdom fairy’ sticker on the back? It may look like junk mail, that many people throw away. It could say ‘CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve got wisdom!’ and tell you that if you respond within 30 days, you will get a free gift thrown in; I’m hoping for a high street gift voucher.

But too much wisdom at one time could overload my mind, so it would probably need to be split up into smaller portions so that my brain could handle the extra wisdom; it isn’t a very complex brain anyway so it’s better to ease it in rather than force a whole load of information in there.

It could be in the form of a monthly voucher that I can claim by putting it under my pillow at night. Then the wisdom fairy will download it right into my brain as I sleep. I can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, energised and finally being able to recall pi to 50 decimal places; sadly I can only recall it to 10 decimal places as of this moment (3.1415926535).

Now some people might be sceptical and say that you don’t get any wisdom from growing extra teeth, it’s just a name given to them because of when they begin to grow (when you are wiser than a child). But why would you be forced to go through such pain and discomfort if there is nothing good to look forward to at the end of it. However those sceptics are obviously wrong, and probably don’t believe in the tooth fairy either!

I’ll keep you all updated on whether I get my extra wisdom or not. But for now, I’m going to go sit in front of my letterbox and wait patiently, with my antibiotics, for my letter or voucher from the wisdom fairy.

If anyone else has either gotten their wisdom, or has any theories on how it will arrive then please let me know, by either commenting on this blog post, or adding me on Facebook/Twitter.

Maybe I Will Change…

Friday, July 16th, 2010


…for the better that is.

Since I will have access to wordpress on both my phone and my boyfriend’s phone, I should be able to update my blog more often. I say should be as although i’m a PA, and hence meant to be organised, I can never guarantee where the real world will take me.

But a quick update, I’m now a university graduate with a 2:1 in Drama and Creative Writing and am enjoying my new adult life to the extreme with my awesome friends, family and garden furniture.

Hopefully there will be more to come…but for now here’s me, and my good friend Sean. Visit his blog here because he’s awesome!

Karma’s Revenge

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

I started writing a draft for this blog post on Friday night, in which I stated that Karma obviously hadn’t gotten me yet and maybe I’d overreacted about it being after me…then Saturday happened.

It was a friend’s birthday and we were planning to watch the first England game of the World Cup at a local pub. We had a few drinks at home and headed out in good spirits, cackling about how our very masculine friend’s new jacket was actually a woman’s jacket.

On arrival we headed to the bar and got some beers in, and then found a table to sit at with some of our neighbours. Just when we were seated comfortably, I decided that the best thing to do was to go to the toilet before the match started. However the toilets were up some winding stairs.

On my way back down the stairs, there was a very springy floorboard on the fifth step. This floorboard managed to catch my foot when it was unprepared, and so caused my ankle to do a complete 360 degree roll before I fell down the stairs.

Stopping myself from falling all the way down, I pried my injured foot out from where it was curled underneath my aching body. Testing that I could still move it, I identified that yup, it really hurt. I tried to put some weight on it, but found that it sent shocks up my leg. Sitting on the dingy blue carpet I tried ringing my friends. However because of the football match having now started, they were unable to hear their phones.

Willing myself to remain calm, I kept trying to get in contact with my friends. Yet when England scored their goal, and I had still yet to be rescued, I burst into tears. The pain in my ankle was getting worse as I panicked. When I finally managed to get through to my boyfriend, all I could do was blubber down the phone to him that I wasn’t alright and he needed to come get me.

Within seconds my boyfriend and our friend arrived to whisk me down the stairs and back to my beer. With help from another friend, we managed to get me back into my seat so that I could watch the England game with my friends, rather than through some bars on the stairs.

We enjoyed the rest of the night, where my shoe featured as more of a handheld accessory than its normal place on my foot; it even ended up being hung from a lamp post outside a pub. Yet this morning I could definitely feel that I had fallen down the stairs; with a throbbing ankle and bruises on my back, I haven’t been able to do much all day, except for hobble around, read and watch TV.

So yes, Karma it seems finally came and bit me, not in the ass but in the ankle. But that’s okay, if it comes back for me then I’m armed…with a walking stick.

Moving House

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Somewhere in my mind I decided that it would be a good idea to pack up and move house within only four/five days. I viewed my new house on Saturday morning, and was all moved in by Wednesday evening.

It wasn’t a small move, there was a whole large van full of belongings (including a sofa and king sized bed), plus a car full of stuff to move. I was very grateful to all my friends who came to help me achieve my insane plan; whether it be moving boxes, driving the van or taking off the front door to my house so as to get the sofa in.

Now I’m all moved in, and my living room is actually livable in, plus my kitchen is all unpacked! I’m still dodging bags of clothes whenever I get into bed, but I can live with this for now.

So why did I decide to move so quickly? Well there are a few factors that contributed to this.

1) I had nothing else to do.
2) If I moved now then I could get myself sorted before starting my new job.
3) We had found a house that was perfect for us, so why should we wait to live there?
4) My boyfriend and I needed our own space – which has been really lovely over the past couple of days.

It has been a successful move, and everything seems to be falling into place. However I’m still expecting something to blow up in my face – just because I think karma is after my ass…