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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I got an epic urge to bake in the past couple of days, and gladly that came when my friend Dani’s birthday came up; I made her a yellow cake (her favourite colour).

However when I was in the supermarket, merely browsing the baking aisle, I began to feel the need to indulge. Yes the shopping monster, that is inside most girls, came out. However this was not in the form of shoes and clothing, but it was in the form of food colourings and flavourings; I’m not ashamed to admit that I went….ahem…slightly mad over it.

– So mad that my boyfriend decided that looking at cereal was better than being seen with me…*sigh* –

Anywho, so I bought the cake fancifying ingredients and made my way home. I made my friend’s cake and decided that this was not enough baking for the day! Oh no, I needed at least something blue and green to make me happy…hence I continued baking…

So after a fair few hours, and almost running out of vanilla icing, I came up with my strawberry and vanilla flavoured, blue and green cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate fudge/vanilla icing *breathes heavily* I also decided I needed a better name for it before I passed out from explaining it to people.

So thinking of my love for superheroes (and hence their villains), I came up with ‘two face’. And so we, the fanciful people of my house, have a cake named after an awesome Batman villain…if you don’t know who he is then google is your friend.

I’ve reignited my love for baking yet again. There will be definite pictures of my fabulous cake making abilities…and remember, if anybody wants/needs a cake making out there then just get in contact with me…I’m awesome for birthdays.