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Frustration in Modern Times

Friday, July 15th, 2011

This blog post is a bit of a whining one, as I’m not well and haven’t been for a while. It’s starting to get me really frustrated, so here’s me letting it all out.

The past couple of weeks have been long and difficult. I’ve been on various different pills for all kinds of illnesses (depression, nausea, headaches, stomach acid). The amount of pills I’m having to take – 12 per day – are really starting to get me down. The pills do help me to function better than I used to, but this doesn’t mean much.

I wake up in the morning and feel either sick, or have a major headache. It’s a rarity if I make it to 9am without having to take my first set of pills. So you can understand my frustration at being so ill and useless all the time.

At the moment it’s a major achievement if I manage to get the energy up to shower without passing out, or manage to walk 3 minutes to my local shop. It’s just so frustrating that my body isn’t complying with what my mind wishes to do.

When I tore the ligaments in my foot, I couldn’t stay off it and just rest like I was told to. The same applies to the way I feel now. I hate feeling useless and powerless, but my body is currently calling the shots.

I’m just plain old frustrated with my health at the moment, it’s stopping me from being able to enjoy simple things in life (such as hanging out with friends), as I’m just so damn tired!

Also my ass is starting to get numb from sitting on the sofa all day long…