The Epic Adventures of Edmund and Suzi – Part 1

So the past few days have been particularly difficult in the land of Suzi and Edmund, and so they decided that they were indeed in need of some epic cheering up; and hence they decided to do lots of fun things to keep themselves occupied.

First on the agenda was the initial ‘Operation-Cheer-Up’, which could only really mean one thing…movies, food and beer…simple but effective ways of making yourself feel better after a long day. And so during their watching of movie gems, such as Office Space, Evolution and Gremlins, they decided that their Guinness was incredibly normal and ordinary, and hence needed some sprucing up.

So they added ice cream. Yup, they made Guinness Ice Cream Floaters. Which were actually rather nice, except for leftover foam at the end *shudder*. At first they just looked like normal Guinness but with a lot of head, however if you gave them a stir then they began to look a lot more like something caramel based. Yet they certainly did not taste as sweet as they looked.

With the odd concoctions finished, they set about carrying on their movie night by chowing down on crisps and sweets until they could no longer keep their eyes open and headed to their beds.

Rising the next day, they found themselves with a whole lot of energy, and not much to do with it…but then again, that’s a tale for next time.

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