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Sean Keefe – Album Arrived!

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Anybody who knows me personally will have heard me ranting on about my good friend Sean’s new album, website and tour.

I’m currently unemployed so Mr Sean Keefe begged me, over a few Buds, to help him out with getting his album designed. And since he’s been a great friend to me over the years, my answer was ‘of course, I can do this’. But I wasn’t that confident then…

…today we got back the printed albums. I spent my day fretting over whether I’d had the measurements correct, and had I remembered to take out that bit of white space there…and so is it surprising that Sean and I did a jump and squeal when we saw just how damn good they look?!

Now it’s not just about looks, this is actually a great album. I know that I’m kinda biased but it’s made it into my iPhone music player (which is a fairly difficult task). So if anyone has a chance, and it’s past 29th January, then go to his website and have a listen!

Away from my shameless promotion…if you do go to the website, then you’ll notice that the theme is similar to the album design that I created; can you guess what Sean roped me into doing next?

I spent my evenings delving into the world of website design; and now know, as my mother would say, “enough about CSS and HTML to be dangerous”.

Got another couple of days worth of work to be done on the website, and then it all goes live!

Big excitement tonight; let’s celebrate with beer and homemade chocolate orange cake!