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Scratching a Chocolate Itch

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Craving something sweet and full of chocolate, I set out to use up some leftover chocolate chips in a stomach satisfying fashion.

After looking at new dessert recipes, I settled on sticking with my old favourite…chocolate cake.

I’m considered an old hand at making cakes now, which is why I end up making them so often, and so I like to change it up when I can. By reducing the amount of flour, replacing it with cocoa and chocolate chips I managed to create a decadent brownie-esque cake.

So here it is, my craving quenching, soul satiating chocolate brownie cake with milk, white and dark chocolate chips. The homemade gooey chocolate sauce isn’t needed but made a great addition to my already tastebud teasing dessert.


Walking Back in Time

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Went out for a LONG walk with the boy today – including a stop at O2 shop for a new SIM card.

We ended up in the park on the same set of benches where the boy first asked me out almost 6 years ago. It was kind of nice to look back and see just how much had changed in that time.

The bridges over the river still had the same amount of rust on them but there were no longer any cows or grass in the field on the other side. And there definitely were no sticks beneath the bench for the boy to break into pieces through nervousness.

But there was still him and me, still wearing skate shoes and ratty jeans. And despite being older and our conversation flowing with an ease that can only stem from years of sharing events, thoughts and opinions, we are still just as invested as we were back then.

And all I could think was that I’m glad I said yes.



Window Shopping

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Despite having no money for new clothes, it was good to look at all the shiny pretty things that I could have if I had a job.

Although it was kind of torturous to look at all the decadently tempting shoes, it has given me yet another incentive to get a job.

Also now have a decent amount of caffeine in my system after consuming a large mocha in Costa…lots of energy, but what should I do with it?


P.S Any coffee that costs less than £3 and needs two handles on the mug is definitely okay with me!

New Writing Venture…

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

…after a couple of months off from writing, suddenly the bug struck again!

My new short story is in progress, with high society parties, skeletons buried deep in the closet and…oh wait, I think I’ve been watching too much ‘Revenge‘.

“Well look who it is, it’s Lizzie Parks!” The woman squealed as she bounded towards me, precariously balancing her cigarette and martini in one hand and reaching out towards me with the other. “How you been hon?” Yelling into my ear, she pulled me towards her and kissed the air around my cheeks in greeting.

“I’m fine, thank you…” I started whilst pulling out of her embrace. My confusion must have shown on my face as she began to introduce herself to me and my companions.

“Oh where are my manners? I’m Janie Tucker, I went to school with your mom.” Taking a long swig of her drink, she leaned in towards me. “Pretty little thing she was, all blonde hair and blue eyes, had a look like butter wouldn’t melt. But she were a hellfire, always tryin to one up me in the popularity contest. Don’t matter what it was; clothes, boys, you name it, we fought over it.”

At this point she finished her martini in one chug, clicked her fingers and someone replaced it before any of us could blink. Glancing at Anthony, he looked just as impressed as I at her drink supping skills.

“How’s she doin anyway?” Jane asked as she started gulping down more of the liquid in her glass. I could feel my blood starting to heat as I thought of how to politely say what I had grown to loathe repeating in the past few months.

“She’s dead,” I started as I straightened my back and found my exit strategy. “So I think you win. Excuse me.”

Apologies for grammatical errors, punctuation issues or general bad phrasing – I am editing whilst writing and typing it up on my TV screen.