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Bar Fight

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Yes, you are reading what you think you’re reading…another blog post by yours truly. Please don’t die of shock, I am indeed updating it (finally).

I apologise for not posting sooner but I am reaching the end of my final year at Uni, (only a week and a half left to go) and so have been focusing on that. However once that is all done and dusted I will have all the time in the world to bore you all with my brilliant thoughts and theories.

Now the topic of this blog post may seem a bit odd. No, I didn’t get into a bar fight, but if I did I would totally win (not). Someone posed the question to me, whilst in the pub in my pyjamas, that if I could choose five people to fight with me in a bar fight then who would they be? They could be anybody, dead or alive, including fictional characters.

After some careful consideration, and a couple of pints, I came to the conclusion that I would have:

1) Jayne Cobb from Firefly – Complete with Vera (his beloved gun of choice).

2) Spike from Buffy – From the Season Two ‘School Hard’ era where Spike was bad ass and not wimping around after Buffy.

3) John Casey from Chuck – Yes, I know that I have already had one of Adam Baldwin’s characters, but there weren’t any rules against this!

4) Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly – He’s experienced at bar fights, and knows how to make a hasty getaway.

5) Dean Winchester from Supernatural – Mmmmm…*shakes head* What was I saying?

So there you have it, the five people who I would have with me in a bar fight. This list has been edited since that night in the pub; Gandhi and Chuck Norris were considered for the list…but were struck off due to their inability to be good to go for a drink with.

But what I’m curious about is who you guys would pick? Think you’ve got a better list than mine? Then I’d love to hear it. Just click on the title of this post and type me a message in the comment box. It’s that simple.

Also comments have been made on my ’10 Reason for Lack of Sleep’ post. However since I get a lot of spam, and hence are unsure whether you are real people or just computers, you should drop me a comment on here so that I know you’re real!