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You know your boyfriend’s a geek when…

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

1. You overhear him on the phone to his friend, talking about magic potions.

2. He’s showing off the video capability on his phone, and the only videos he has to show are Japanese anime.

3. You find that Wintereenmas is a celebrated holiday in your home.

4. He pouts all day long if he hasn’t had chance to check all the comic strips in his RSS feed before he left the house.

5. He struggles to walk past a gaming store without going in.

6. The only way to get him out of a gaming store is to either threaten to faint, or just walk out yourself.

7. His gaming wish list comes up to more than £300.

8. He needs to buy an external fan for his XBOX 360, because the internal one cannot deal with his long hours of game playing.

9. He makes a comment, and when you go to respond you find that he’s talking to his online gaming buddies, and you’re the one who’s left talking to yourself.

10. You find yourself humming music from Tales of Vesperia / Fable III, despite never playing these games.

11. You might just scream if you have to listen to one more thing about Sims 3 add ons.

12. Your date night involves seeing a film based on a comic/graphic novel.

13. He can explain the excerpts after the credits in a Marvel movie, and gasps appropriately at them.

14. He can be found drooling over a “sexy” new graphics card.

15. One of his favourite bands meshes video game sounds with punk music.

16. You find that 95% of the time if you ask him a question, any odd question, he’ll know the answer.

17. He doesn’t see a problem with staying up all night gaming, and sleeping all through the next day (despite your plans).

18. He knows at least one person who needs their computer fixing, and is planning to do it.

19. He’s stood in line at silly o’clock in the morning waiting for his copy of a game.

20. He’ll sacrifice his life and limbs by spending your birthday playing video games with his friend.

21. You’re comfortable with him using phrases from comics/anime in normal conversation (and find yourself using them too).

22. He almost died when his computer did.

23. He spends the following day, after playing Fable III, mourning the citizens the he didn’t manage to save.

24. He had to get a separate hard drive for his computer to fit all of his anime, comics and TV shows on it.

25. You find yourself dreaming about being stuck in a Minecraft server.

— This blog entry is dedicated to the aforementioned boyfriend, and his fabulously geeky behaviour. —