Walking Back in Time

Went out for a LONG walk with the boy today – including a stop at O2 shop for a new SIM card.

We ended up in the park on the same set of benches where the boy first asked me out almost 6 years ago. It was kind of nice to look back and see just how much had changed in that time.

The bridges over the river still had the same amount of rust on them but there were no longer any cows or grass in the field on the other side. And there definitely were no sticks beneath the bench for the boy to break into pieces through nervousness.

But there was still him and me, still wearing skate shoes and ratty jeans. And despite being older and our conversation flowing with an ease that can only stem from years of sharing events, thoughts and opinions, we are still just as invested as we were back then.

And all I could think was that I’m glad I said yes.



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