The Mysterious Door

When on our way back from the Natural History Museum we found a door at 72nd street. Now this door wasn’t a normal door…it seemed out of place and distinctly mysterious.

Maybe there was a dragon behind it, watching and waiting for an innocent 1 train to come scuttling by. It would munch and crunch its way through the metal, and discard the bones of the terrified public onto the tracks; and hence would cause havoc and backlog in journeys.

Or maybe it’s a troll on a mission to chew it’s way through the power lines. He likes the shocks on his teeth as he breaks through the cables. Cackling he scuttles through the mysterious door, avoiding detection from the general public and leaving devastation in his wake.

However there is no evidence to suggest any of these things and these are merely the ramblings of me. However if anyone else has any other suggestions as to what could reside beneath then please do let me know.

But doesn’t it look like it should open with a key?

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