I apologise for the late blogging but it was an incredibly late night, good but tiring.

Our luxury sedan town car arrived a little bit early for us and so we didn’t manage to get any photos before we went out (however we did get some afterwards).

We were driven to our restaurant next to the Gershwin Theatre and were soon seated at our table (that was reserved under the name of Lord Jason Donnelly). We then decided to act all posh and British at them…which was incredibly fun. They didn’t seem sure whether we were actually rich and high class, so we were treated extremely well. I even had my wine poured for me when my glass got dangerously close to being empty.

The food was amazing. Starters of Bruschette for the boys and Mozarella e Zuccini for me. Then the best Lasagna that Edmund had ever had, a delicious salmon dish for our Lord and a Sausage, Spinach and Portobello Mushroom Risotto (that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out had been made by the gods themselves), for me. Then finishing off the meal with desserts, Orange Sorbet, Vanilla Ice Cream and Tiramisu.

We then leisurely made our way through to the theatre and had a glass of wine (or coke) whilst waiting for the performance to start.

The play was amazing, however it really didn’t follow the book (as it’s not really child friendly) but I wasn’t expecting it to; as this would have been hard to do on stage.

Once the performance had finished we were going to go buy a t-shirt for me however the crowd was too big for us to bother and so we went into an Irish pub for a drink.

Waffle then hailed his first ever taxi, and we survived a New York cab ride home!

After taking the photos, we sat down to watch the new Doctor Who and I drank beer out of my Wicked cup whilst munching beef jerky.

Today we are going to the Jets vs. Bengals NFL game…however the start time has been changed to 8.30pm tonight so we now have a free day. It is an extremely cold day and will be an even colder night so we will be wrapping up warm.

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  1. Deb says:

    Sounds fabulous and you all look great, I’ll have to show Mum the pics of Susan in her posh dress with the perfect hem (though some really huge earrings would have looked great 🙁 ). And it was well worth dragging Edmund into Next and forcing him to try on suits.

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