Snow Day!

Woke up this morning to find it snowing quite heavily. Apparently it will turn into rain later but who cares, we’ll be in Times Square ringing in the new year (5 hours after you lot in Britain).

But when I opened the back door to take some lovely snowy photos for you guys, I managed to “break” the door. It wouldn’t close, not even when Edmund tried pulling it.

So we went and munched our respective breakfasts (buttery toast for me and icky Cheerios for Edmund) trying to think of a plan. I suddenly had a brilliant idea! Without telling Edmund (who was now getting on his shoes to go outside and fiddle with it) I pushed the door open further, and slowly it began to close.

Apparently brains work better after toast rather than Cheerios.

Toast 1 – Cheerios 0

On another note we still don’t know what we’re doing before Times Square this evening…best get on that.

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