Sherlock Holmes

Went to the Magic Johnson Cinema in Harlem to see Sherlock Holmes. The film was actually really good.

I’ve eaten a whole box of Milk Duds and now cannot even look at them. Waffle has had a salt overdose from the popcorn and Edmund ate a whole large bag of popcorn to himself.

On the way home we saw a white outline of a body, partially hidden by snow. We’re hoping it was kids messing around…

We’ve decided that New York would be a bad place for a drive by as you’d get stuck at traffic lights…unless you’re turning right.

Hoping to get some Japanese food for tea before we head out to Times Square later on. No idea where we’ll be stood but it should be awesome.

Catch you in 2010, Happy New Year!

2 Responses to “Sherlock Holmes”

  1. Deb says:


    OK so it’s been 2010 for about half an hour or so, but I had to drive home in -5.5 temperatures so I’m allowed to be late.

    My new year was less glamourous yet much warmer than yours will be. However the trivial pursuit was fun, especially once Tracey and Mum discovered that both Me and Steve had everything else covered except entertainment… lots of pink questions ensued.

    See you next year

  2. Edmund says:

    I’d just like to comment that it wasn’t actually a large bag of popcorn. I had the free medium one we got by mistake. But I did feel a little denser when I’d finished…

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