Our Last Day…

So today started out okay, we had a plan to go shopping and just spend a day doing general last day stuff. However I had not managed to sleep much and so was extremely cranky.

Yet we spoke to my mum on the phone for a few minutes, back in England, before heading down to Times Square for lunch in BB Kings club (or more specifically Lucilles Grill inside the club).

There were incredibly amazing spicy chicken wings, that had celery and carrots as a side…it was the sexiest veg we’ve eaten in the US…since we’ve been suffering to find any that’s as good as home. Also purple potato salad was featured in our meal…it was yummy. However I think the starring role goes to the honey for Waffle’s tea…no need for sugar here!

After lunch we waltzed down to 34th street and wandered around all the floors of Macys…not really finding anything we wandered outside to check out what was on the streets. However I had officially had enough of being shoved around in the streets of New York and so couldn’t be bothered, and hence we went back to the apartment and I had a couple of hours of catch up sleep.

On awakening, I helped clean the apartment up for our departure tomorrow and then managed to stub my toe. Which led to Edmund offering to sing a song for it…what he wasn’t thinking was that I would demand it be a Jamaican rap. This led to lots of giggling and the almost death of Edmund, Waffle and I, by choking, cold sore splitting and laughter respectively.

It was then decided that we should think about getting food for tea. Yet we all couldn’t decide on what to have. So we wandered the streets of Harlem looking for places to get food. Eventually we settled on pizza for Edmund and I, and a burrito for Waffle. However the burrito place was the fail, and the pizzas were already getting cold, so the boys headed home to rethink their plan.

Now Waffle has ordered a pizza that was meant to be delivered within 20 minutes, however 30 minutes later they got a phone call off the pizza man with a rather bad grasp of English saying something like your pizza is ready, come and get it. However just as they were leaving the house the pizza arrived…finally we’ve all eaten. Yet I couldn’t eat all of mine as the sauce was too acidic.

So all in all it’s been a rather up and down day and so I think it would be good to be home on Wednesday. One of the plus sides of today was that we all managed to get window seats on the plane home! Which means I should be able to sleep on the 7 hour flight…yay!

Tomorrow we’re having lobster for lunch and will be going on a New York tour before flying home in the evening.

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