Okay so we decided on steaks for tea however there were only expensive places…and Applebees; so we went there. The drinks were good as were the steaks but they had messed up the order and hadn’t cooked the potatoes properly. Yet the food sustained us for our journey to New Jersey.

We headed over to the stadium and got free towels (since we were one of the first however many people in there). It was very cold inside but our spirits (and temperatures) were kept up with hot chocolate and vigorous crowd participation.

However the weather got worse and the shivers couldn’t be stopped by dancing and cheering. So once we made it into the last quarter we made an executive decision that our limbs were too important to us, and hence we scarpered (wasn’t like we missed anything as the Jets were leading 30 to 0).

My feet were numb all the way back to the train, and were rather odd to walk on; since I had to keep looking down to check they were still there.

But we made it home after an awesome night and are now sitting with a blanket over us, flicking through TV channels; trying to fight away the inevitable colds that are forming in our sinuses.

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