On a Mission For Blog…

Today is Saturday. The boy and I are on a mission for blog…pictures.

I’ve been helping out my good friend Sean Keefe with his album design, and generally playing around with photoshop for the past couple of days. This started me thinking about my blog and the fact that the general design has not changed much since its creation in 2008.

Now I know if my web designer is reading this then she’ll groan and put her head in her hands at the prospect of having to change stuff. But I’m sorry – you’ll be paid in cookies!

I sat down to think up some ideas, took a sip of tea, thought some more, took a gulp of my now cold tea and decided that I had no idea what I wanted.

So I’m getting out, going to see friends/family and rope them into helping me fuel some blog ideas – with the help of some photos.

We’ll see what happens…on our mission for blog…(totally want to watch Blues Brothers now).


3 Responses to “On a Mission For Blog…”

  1. Deb says:

    I’ve had a look at Sean’s site and it is nice, I think you can do this on your own, find yourself a theme you like and have a go yourself. I’ll mop up any mistakes if you want.

    Edmund however is quite keen on the cookie idea…

  2. Suzi says:

    Gonna be doing some major changing around with his theme, and general feel of the website – as it will help him greatly from a marketing point of view. Will probably need help with the fiddly bits, but for the most part it seems easy.

    I also want to have a quick refresh of this website. Nothing fancy, just changing the header, footer and the colour scheme. I know exactly what I want on the header/footer and just need you to run your magic on it.

    Cookies can be arranged, as can cake…

  3. Deb says:

    OK, when you get chance either come over or I’ll come over to you and we will sort it.

    Might have to wait until I’ve finished the three websites I’m working on now unless its a quick one

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